DoD PMBOK Project Management Extension

"The aim is to provide the user with revolutionary war-winning capabilities and reduce the risk associated with promising technologies before they are introduced into the acquisition system"

DoD PMBOK Project Management Extension

Project Management Body of Knowledge at the US Department of Defence

In 1992 the United States (U.S) DoD (Department of Defence) extended PMBOK (Project Management Body of Knowledge) and it provides a snapshot of formal waterfall-style project management in the most complex and largest technical organization in the history of the world, where the results (or lack thereof) of projects, can mean the difference between life and death.

In Chapter 2, p 17, the document describes the "defense acquisition life-cycle model/process". The acquisition life-cycle process continues to be based on the industrial life-cycle and defines the following stages.

  1. Concept Refinement (Concept Decision)
  2. Technology Development
  3. System Development & Demonstration (Critical Design Review)
  4. Production & Deployment
  5. Operations & Support

In this model, A, B & C in the diagram, are process entry points where "User Needs & Technology Opportunities" are gates between stages 1, 2 & 3.

Formal Concept Design Decision gates begin the Concept Refinement stage, a Critical Design Review stage is another gate that must be passed in the System Development & Demonstration stage.

There are 3 categories of acquisition around the phases;

  1. Pre-Systems Acquisition: Defining and deciding the purchase.
  2. Systems Acquisition: Building or buying the system.
  3. Sustainment: Production operations and ongoing maintenance of the system.

This historical document provides a very interesting example of formal waterfall projects in the context of the Department of Defence.

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